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Straits Construction is proud to be one of Singapore’s leading builders with a repertoire of projects spanning the public and private sectors, from residential, commercial, industrial to institutional projects. Right from the start, we saw how we could do things better and faster. We are not just builders who know our craft well, but we are always thinking of ideas to take the business even further. We are innovators and solution providers looking for sustainable ways to improve the space where communities live and work in.

We are committed to achieving the best for our projects. We achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality, health, safety and environment with our 3-in-1 integrated management system – BCA ISO 9001, BCA ISO 14001 and BCA OHSAS 18001.

Some of our latest initiatives include leveraging innovation and technology to improve productivity and quality; continuous learning and development to raise the skill levels; implementation of sustainable and eco-friendly measures to minimize waste at our construction site.